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FVFC recently took delivery of this E-One Pumper / Rescue. The truck should be in service by beginning of June after all tools are mounted and members trained on the rig.

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2015 E-One Cyclone II Emax Rescue Pumper

Fleetwood Fire Company was proud to help the organizers of the Memorial Day Parade with this photo shoot. Everyone in attendance at the memorial Day Ceremony posed with the American flag - over 200 People! Very Patriotic day in Fleetwood.

7/9/15 ~ 0430 hrs, Fleetwood was dispatched to assist with a single car MVA with injuries and fire on 662 Richmond Twp between Franklin and Scheiry Rds. Crews found a single car had crashed in a field, with the driver possibly ejected and laying on the ground near the road.

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8/4/15: Fleetwood Fire company was dispatched to assist Walnuttown fire with a two vehicle MVA along Park Rd in Richmond Twp. Responding apparatus reported one vehicle on it’s roof and another that was hit from the rear. No entrapment. Crews assisted with EMS and scene cleanup. Later that same evening, Fleetwood Fire Co and Fleetwood PD had a friendly competition at National Night Out. Click on any of the pics for additional photos

Structure Fire - Fleetwood, 0415 hrs. 08/08/15


First and foremost had it not been for the Fleetwood Police Department and the observation by Officer Quinn from a few blocks away this could have been much worst. The police officer arrived on location at approximately 0413 hrs reporting a fully involved house.

The house appeared to be vacant and under major renovation. There was no interior attack made until the bulk of the fire was knocked down from the exterior.

The initial alarm including Fleetwood, Walnuttown and Blandon Fire companies went out at 0415 hrs. Tower 45 from Fleetwood was on location at 0420, supplied itself from a nearby hydrant on Washington St. and had water on the "D" side of the structure as well as the exposure building in under 2 minutes.

Once other departments arrived ladders were placed on all sides with no less than 10 portable ladders. Truck 12 "Blandon" placed its main ladder up in the event it was needed. They were supplied by Engine 34 "Ruscombmanor" from a Franklin St. hydrant.

Because of the quick extension of the fire due to many holes on the interior because of the remodeling, a 2nd alarm was requested at 0428 hrs. for manpower. This brought Kutztown, Lyons, Alsace Manor, and Temple as a safety company.

All crews worked well and completed the objective professionally, efficiently, and most of all safely. There were no injuries reported and crews cleared the scene by 0730 hrs. There were about 60 fire personnel on the scene.

EMS crews from Fleetwood, Topton, and Blandon were also on the call.

Officials from the department as well as the Fire Marshal from PSP will be investigating the cause. The structure sustained heavy damage and could be a total loss.

Chief John Manmiller

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Fleetwood Structure fire 8/31/15 0126 hrs.

      Dispatch - Departments from Fleetwood, Walnuttown, Kutztown and Blandon were sent to the alley between the 100 block of N. Franklin St. and N. Walnut St. for a confirmed fire in a garage. Fleetwood Police along with Engine 45, Tower 45, and Engine 32 made quick work of extinguishing a small but suspicious fire early Monday morning.


      Operations - Tower 45 staged on Washington St. and sent its truck crew into the alley. Engine 32 pulled into the alley with Engine 45 picking up the hydrant and laying in. Two attack lines were pulled and crews made quick work of opening up and dousing the remaining hot spots after the Police had knocked it down with an extinguisher.


      Outcome - The fire was contained to the garage door with less than $250.00 in damage. Crews were available by 0230 hrs.  Click on picture above to launch photo gallery.

From Fleetwood PD Facebook:

If anyone witnessed the start of the fire or suspicious activity in the area please contact the Fleetwood Police Department at (610)944-7011 and refer to incident # 83-15-02196. If you wish to remain anonymous please call Crime Alert Berks County at (877) 373-9913.

9/10/15: Fleetwood was dispatched to assist Ruscombmanor Fire Co with a reported MVA with ejection on 662, right outside the borough limits. Asst Chief 45 arrived and reported 1 person ejected and over 10 additional people who were in the vehicle. Crews tended to the ejected victim, while others attempted to ascertain extent of injuries of the remaining victims but language barriers made the task more difficult. Shown in the picture sequence is Capt Young using his personal smartphone and a translate application to help communicate with the victims.

9/17/15 0130 hrs: Fleetwood (45) was dispatched to assist Walnuttown (32) on a barn fire on Vine St in Richmond Twp. PD on location reported a working fire with exposure to multiple outbuildings. With that report, a Walnuttown officer requested a 2nd alarm which added Blandon, Ruscombmanor, Virginville and Mt Penn for RIT. Chief 45 was first fire officer on location and reported a small barn that was already collapsing with 1 small outbuilding also on fire and assumed command until a 32 officer arrived. Crews were able to contain the fire to the two structures and RIT was recalled. Companies started to go available ~ 0300.
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11/6/15 0720 hrs: Fleetwood Fire Co (45) was dispatched to a structure fire on S. Richmond St in the borough, with Blandon (12) and Walnuttown (32) dispatched as mutual aid. Chief 45 was on location and found a working basement fire. Tower 45 was 1st unit on location and it's crew went in service with a hand-line to the basement. E45 supplied additional water to the Tower, as 12 and 32 assisted. The fire was extinguished in a matter of minutes, but crews remained on location for some time doing overhaul and venting smoke from the structure. Fire police closed Richmond and detoured traffic accordingly. Fleetwood Fire EMS was on scene, but no injuries were reported.

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11/7/15 0739 hrs, Fleetwood was dispatched to assist Walnuttown fire with a train vs car MVA with entrapment at Walnuttown Rd and RR tracks Richmond Twp. Arriving officers found a pickup about ¼ mile down the tracks from the intersection and the male driver had self extricated himself from the vehicle. The train had eventually stopped in Fleetwood Borough, blocking all intersections in the borough. The driver walked to the ambulance.

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12/8/15 1039 hrs Fleetwood was dispatched to assist on a barn fire on Rt 662 and Scheiry Rd in Richmond Twp. Multiple calls indicated a fully involved barn fire and Co 32 (Walnuttown) Command immediately requested a 2nd alarm on those reports. Chief 45 arrived and confirmed a very large “L” shaped barn, with ½ fully involved and moving to the 2nd half. Crews immediately reported to the 2nd half to try to save the cows in the barn as multiple alarms were struck for tankers and additional manpower. Firefighters were able to get some cows from the barn to a safe area across 662. Tankers were dumping at scene and proceeded to Fleetwood borough where Deputy 45 had tanker fill sites set-up. Fire police had 662 shut down except for tankers, and EMS set-up a rehab station on scene. The bulk of the fire was contained by 0123 hrs but extensive overhaul kept firefighters on scene for hours. Click on pic above for additional pictures.

12/26/15 ~ 1915 hrs, Fleetwood was dispatched to Hickory Alley, behind Washington St in the borough for a reported working garage fire. Chief 45 assumed command as Engine 45, Tower 45, and Rescue 45 all responded with E45 leading off with the initial attack lines, the Tower’s manpower had a reverse lay to the hydrant from the engine, and Rescue provided lighting from the rear. 32 (Walnuttown) and 12 (Blandon) were responding to assist as Chief 45 requested 34 (Ruscombmanor) as a 2nd alarm for additional manpower. The fire was contained to the garage within minutes of arrival, with heat damage to surrounding structures. Power was cut off by Med Ed to a small area around the fire due to power lines being damaged from the fire. Fire police detoured traffic around the scene and no injuries were reported. All companies were cleared by 0930 hrs except 45 who remained on scene.

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Ktown 12_26_1512/29/15 ~ 0852 hrs Fleetwood was dispatched to assist Kutztown on a working structure fire 261 W Main St in Kutztown. Engine 45 was positioned in the rear of the structure, hand dragging a 5” supply line as Tower 45 was positioned in the front.  Both crews assisted with fire suppression and ventilation, as fire police assisted in closing down Main St.

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Barn Fire Baldy Rd 1_161/2/16 ~ 2000 hrs, Fleetwood was dispatched to assist at a working barn fire along Baldy Rd, Maxatawny Twp. Tower 45, Engine45, and Rescue 45 all responded to assist and helped in fire suppression, overhaul,and clean-up.  Crews were released by ~ midnight. About 2 hrs later, crews were called to assist a a chimney fire in Richmond Twp, making a long night for these firefighters.

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MVA Main St 1_3_161/3/15: Fleetwood was dispatched to W Main St, Fleetwood Borough for a MVA, reported to be a car into a pole. Crews found an SUV had sheared a light pole, but no injuries. Crews assisted with clena-up, as Fleetwood Fire Police closed Main St waiting for MetEd

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Egg hunt 2016FVFC again hosted the annual Easter Egg hunt in Fleetwood park. Volunteers gathered earlier in the week to stuff the plastic eggs and organize the prize baskets. Then Saturday morning put out hundreds of eggs. Later that day we went to a retirement homes in the area to visit and hand out gifts.

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Oley SF 4_9_154/9/15 ~ 0122 hrs Fleetwood was dispatched to assist on a structure fire in Oley. Officers on location reported a working fire with possible entrapment. Tower 45 was used to assist with ventilation as crews assisted with fire suppression. Crews were still on scene at 0400 hrs. No official word on injuries.

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HousingPictures from our housing ceremony June 4, 2016. A huge thanks to everyone who helped make this ceremony happen, and to everyone who attended to help us house the truck.

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Village Butcher At approx 0600 hrs, Fleetwood was dispatched to a possible structure fire at the Village Butcher on Main St in Fleetwood, reported to be a smell of smoke and smoke alarms going off.. Chief 45 arrived on scene to report smoke showing and immediately requested a 2nd alarm assignment. Crews entered the 3 story building as flames were visible in the 2nd floor apartment. The fire was quickly brought under control but not before extensive damage had occurred to all three floors and basement. Smoke damage was also in the neighboring structures. Residents in the apartments were displaced and assisted by Red Cross. No injuries reported.

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Garage Fire 11_19_16At approx 2134 hrs, Fleetwood was dispatched to assist with a garage fire at 150 Oak Lane, in Ruscombmanor Twp.  T45 and B45 were directed to the scene, while Engine 45 was directed to the hydrant at Houck Rd to fill tankers.

Rt 662 MVA_1_5_17  1/5/17: At approx 1915 hrs, Fleetwood fire and EMS were dispatched to assist Walnuttown with a two vehicle head-on MVA with multiple victims along Rt 662 between Fleetwood and 222. Fleetwood personnel were at station training when the call was received and had an almost instant response with Rescue 45 and Engine 45. Crews found a head-on crash with two drivers entrapped plus two pediatric patients in the one vehicle as well. Both Walnuttown and Fleetwood worked together with hydraulic tools (Jaws of Life) to extricate the patients as EMS called in additional ALS units.  Fire police diverted traffic from the scene and directed EMS units accordingly.  

Due to the severity of the crash, Tower 45 was eventually requested by PD to take a few pictures from overhead to assist with the investigation.  

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MAS SF 1_8_171/8/17: At approx 1530 hrs, Fleetwood was dispatched to assist with a possible structure fire at MAS Imports along 222 in Richmond Twp. Arriving officers reported an auto repair business with smoke showing. Chief 32 (Walnuttown) established incident command and requested a 2nd alarm, along with additional tankers to assist. Fleetwood’s tower was set up at the one corner, with the engine set to supply water to it.  Crews from Fleetwood assisted with all phases of suppression, ventilation, and overhaul. Fleetwood fire police assisted with keeping 222 moving, but one lane at a time. Fleetwood EMS was on scene for rehab and EMS if needed. Fleetwood cleared the scene at approx 1800.  Hrs. Click picture above for a photo gallery.

Storm 2_20172/25/17: A quick  moving thunderstorm hit the area causing several poles to be snapped on 662 between Fleetwood and 222. Crews were on scene to secure the area and assist with debris. No injuries reported but hundreds of homes lost power in the area.  

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